• Monologue Slam Spring '24

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Monologue Slam Spring '24

The Black Lady Theatre

Resilience: The Blueprint for Rebuilding

In "How to Rebuild After Losing Your Business," Chief Minister Omar Hardy shares his blueprint for rebuilding after The Black Lady Theatre Group faced an unlawful eviction from their home of 30+ years due to deed fraud. Hardy's story is a testament to overcoming adversity, embracing community support, and finding innovative ways to rebuild. Packed with practical advice and inspiration, this book is essential reading for entrepreneurs and community leaders navigating unexpected setbacks. Join Omar Hardy as he shares his wisdom on bouncing back stronger than ever, offering insights on resilience, community solidarity, and the power of staying true to one's vision and values.

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"The Black Lady Theatre (TBLT) is a monument - it's a symbol of how much good we can do as a community, it's not only... entertainment it's also...family."

- J. Jerome, Intern


"This is Our History, Our Voice, and Our Community. Art is Life!"



"The Black Lady Theatre represents the independent and creative strength ingrained in a people’s resilient trailblazing culture."

- Neil P.


The Black Lady Theatre is a cultural hub serving central Brooklyn and beyond. As an organization, TBLT offers a diverse range of events and programs promoting art, culture, entrepreneurship, wellness and financial literacy. Founded in 1984 and currently serves as a platform for over 1200 organizations to build, strengthen and promote their events and productions.

The Black Lady Theatre is dedicated to providing a safe-space for discussion and exploration while maintaining the legacy of its ancestors and the dedication of Founder, Judge John L. Phillips Jr. The Black Lady Theatre serves as a cultural hub for learning, sharing and experiencing Afrikan heritage. It is a center for the arts, activism and public scholarship.