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Since December 2019, the doors of The Black Lady Theatre in Brooklyn, NY have been closed due to the unlawful lockout of the owners. Because of the generosity of donors like you, we have been able to continue to educate, entertain and inspire our youth, entrepreneurs and artists despite these challenges. Thank you for your continued support. 

How Your Support Helps

Every donation we receive goes toward:

◆ Preserving, protecting, and returning the recognized Cultural Art Institution to Chief Clarence Hardy Jr. and Minister Omar Hardy.

◆ Providing art, education and entertainment to the youth, disenfranchised and the elderly. 

◆ Raising awareness about the importance of theatre, art and culture in black and brown communities.

We need your help. 

A small $10 donation will bring arts, education and culture back to the community.


"This was a great space. The energy felt amazing."

- Nay Che (Google Review)


"Wonderful Experience in this historic space. Warm and friendly staff efficient and considerate."

- Keitu Gwangwa, Performance Artist (Google Review)


"Great event space"

- Drea Nicole Musik (Google Reviews)


The Black Lady Theatre is Brooklyn’s historic theatre and art facility serving the greater NYC area.

Also known as The Slave II, this beautiful facility boasts numerous creative spaces for producing theatre, music, art and more.

The Black Lady Theatre is dedicated to providing a safe-space for discussion and exploration while maintaining the legacy of its ancestors and the dedication of Founder, Judge John L. Phillips Jr. The Black Lady Theatre serves as a cultural hub for learning, sharing and experiencing Afrikan heritage. It is a center for the arts, activism and public scholarship.