Empower Black Voices: Be Your Own Health Advocate - A Panel Discussion

Reclaiming your health by speaking up and learning to ask the right questions is more important now than ever. The unfortunate reality for many Black and Indigenous people is that their cries of pain are often simplified, disregarded as  "being dramatic" and worst of all ignored in the American medical system.

This panel discussion aims to offer ways you can advocate for yourself and take back control of your life. 

During this virtual event, a panel of professionals in the medical field as well as health + wellness experts discuss the importance of learning how to self-advocate as a Black person in the American medical system. 

Moderated by Dr. Cici Chaney

WHEN: Tuesday, July 14th 2020 @ 7p (EDT)



About the Panelists

Meet Latonya Williams-West, The Divine Elephant (Doula) 

Latonya Williams-West

Latonya Williams-West is the founder of The Divine Elephant Doula Services. She is a Wife and mother of a 14 year old daughter named Gabrielle. After having her daughter in 2005, she had a hard time adjusting to motherhood and never knew the awesome world of birth work until after doing an ancestry test and discovering that her Grandmother was a Midwife and was very well known in the area she grew up in. The Midwife tradition and legacy went back 4 generations. As a healthcare worker of 15 years, she always had a love and joy of caring for others and wanted to honor her family legacy and help families in modern times know the value of having a birth worker to support the family during the 4th trimester. 

Latonya is an advocate of women's health and black maternal health and wants to create change for all women so we can stand up for ourselves during pregnancy and after.  

Meet Leslie Lewis, Young Living Global Educator

Leslie Lewis

Leslie Lewis is an educator with a passion for whole-life health and wellness. She has an enthusiasm for providing meaningful education that inspires others, so she is continually looking for creative ways to share knowledge. 

An internationally licensed spiritual healer, Leslie balanced careers in both California and Hawaii as an educator and natural wellness mentor until she was introduced to Young Living. She considers finding Young Living one of the greatest discoveries of her life, as it offers the ideal fusion of natural wellness, impactful education and empowerment for individuals as they pursue their highest potential. 

Since joining the team at Young Living, Leslie has traveled the world as an internal trainers for the Member Services department and worked with executive team as an executive assistant. Now she shares life-changing information as a global educator for the member-facing Training and Education team. Leslie considers herself an "oiled for life" and wouldn't leave home without Abundance™, Sacred Frankincense, and White Angelica™.

Meet Dr. Khadija Cleghorn, Physical Therapist

Khadija Cleghorn

Dr. Khadija Cleghorn is a licensed Physical Therapist currently practicing in the great state of Texas. She earned her Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2019 from Mount St. Joseph University in Cincinnati, Ohio.

She has previous volunteer experience working with Cincinnati Children's Hospital as well as Closing the Gap -- an organization dedicated to reducing health disparities in the Cincinnati community.

In her current role, Khadija works to rehabilitate patients recovering from varying ailments including cerebrovascular accidents, brain injuries, surgical procedures. She also works with families and caregivers to provide education on her patients' conditions and how to continue progression following discharge home.  

Meet Dr. Cici Chaney, CJC Wellness  

Cici Chaney


Cici Chaney is a licensed clinical social worker, coach, and healthy living
advocate. After serving populations ranging from domestic violence survivors,
the chronically homeless, and people suffering with acute mental health
issues, she found herself burnt out. Her and her husband came to a decision
to completely change the way they were living starting with quitting her job,
selling her home and moving to a foreign country. This led her down a path to
improving all areas of life (mind, body, spirit), getting a doctorate in social
work and now working with her husband to help people reclaim their physical
and financial health.